Mom's Trip to the Galapagos

Lindblad Expeditions Daily Expedition reports from the Polaris in the Galapagos
Blue-Footed Booby Flightless Cormorant
Blue-Footed BoobyFlightless Cormorant
penguin Albatross
Penguin!Waved Albatross
Male Frigate Bird Female Frigate Bird
Male Frigate BirdFemale Frigate Bird
Red-Footed Booby Red-Footed Booby in nest
Red-Footed BoobyRed-Footed Booby in nest
Frigate Bird drying wings in tree Nazcar Boobies on the beach
Frigate Bird drying wings in treeNazcar Boobies on the beach
Bartolome Island Santiago Island
Bartolome Island VolcanosSantiago Island